Leaked!!! 20 Super Cool Future Cars Concepts

#16 Kia Provo

This two-door hatchback is Kia’s answer to BMW’s Mini Cooper. From a design standpoint, the Provo certainly looks faster than your girlfriend’s Mini. Perhaps the auto industry finally found a compact car that guys will love.

Kia Provo


#17 EYE from Tesla

In the future, a regular Tesla just won’t do.. You will want to own something like the EYE, a cool concept all electric car that is sporty and sleek

EYE from Tesla

#18 Mercedes Benz F-125!

A car that uses fuel cells and hydrogen for fuel? Yes please. Mercedes predicts that this car is going to be on the road in 2025.

Mercedes Benz F-125

#19 Nissan TeRRA

Nissan is bringing their zero emission technology to their newest SUV, the TeRRA. Finally, you can be green in and out of the city. This rugged beast is a perfect fit for those with lives as versatile as this looks.

Nissan TeRRA


#20 Saleen 7 – Limited Edition

The Saleen S7 is a limited-production, hand-built, high-performance American super car
The body of the car, made entirely from carbon fiber, incorporates aerodynamic features that allows it to reach $160 mph effortlessly.

Saleen 7 - Limited Edition


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