10 Most Weirdest Food from around the World

To many of us, food is just a meal that we have thrice a day. But then, there are the foodies among us who are always on the lookout for exotic food items and exquisite tasting dishes. However, sometimes the search goes too far and you come across some truly weird food items. Let’s have a look:

10. Escamole

Escamole Weirdest Food in the World

Don’t be fooled by the name for it really is just ant larvae. Apparently, the dish is quite popular in Mexico. The taste is quite like butter and to some it seems like an ordinary white bean.

9. Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oysters Weirdest Food in the World

Again, don’t be fooled by the name as these oysters are not really oysters. The name is used to hide the true nature of the item you are about to consume for the oyster really is the testicle of a boar or buffalo. The ‘oysters’ are deep fried and then rolled in flour and served with a nice sauce. The delicacy is quite popular in parts of the US and Canada.

8. Drunken Shrimp

Drunken Shrimp Weirdest Food in the World

China, a land already notorious for some truly horrific eating habits, brings us another ‘one-of-a-kind’ delicacy – the shrimp. It is no ordinary shrimp, or maybe it is until you decide to get it drunk and eat it alive. Yes, the shrimps are doused in liquor and then eaten alive.

7. Sannakji

Sannakji Weirdest Food in the World

If you are someone who highly prioritizes eating fresh food and squirms at anything more than a day old, this is the meal for you. The octopus, mostly devoured in Korea, is eaten while it squirms. You can either choose to eat it alive or hours after it dies.

6. Haggis

Haggis Weirdest Food in the World

It is one of the more well-known dishes from Scotland. Made up of minced heart, liver and sheep lung, the dish offers a saltish flavor. It is cooked with spices and onion among other things and boiled and served in a sheep stomach.

5. Fugu

Fugu Weirdest Food in the World

What makes this dish weird is the fact that it is extremely poisonous and those who dare to eat it are at the risk of death. The poison in the fish has to be removed by specially trained chefs and perhaps that is why the sushi made of fugu is so highly priced.

4. Ying Yang Fish

Ying Yang Fish Weirdest Food in the World

All I can say is that this dish just shows how merciless the humankind has become in its pursuit of the ultimate taste. The fish is apparently kept alive while it is fried. Such a grotesque dish has quite rightly been deemed illegal in many countries but that hasn’t kept connoisseurs from looking for ways to bypass the law.

3. Yak Penis

Yak Penis Weirdest Food in the World

All that can be said about the dish is that the Chinese believe it to be good for health and sexual prowess.

2. Hakarl

Hakarl Weirdest Food in the World

Made from shark meat which is fermented for a couple of months, the dish smells of ammonia and that is weird enough.

1. Ikizikuri

Ikizikuri Weirdest Food in the World

Another extremely brutal dish, the restaurant offering it allows you to choose which part of a fish you’d like on your plate. When you have made your choice, the fish is gutted alive right in front of you and then put back in the aquarium. Such brutality has been banned in many parts of the world.

Written by Sheri


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