9 Most Expensive Chocolate Brands in the World

Pierre Marcolini Context paris Chocolate tour

Chocolate is said to release the same chemicals in your brain that are released when you fall in love. Perhaps this is why we love our chocolates so much. However, sometimes this ever reliable mistress can betray because of exorbitant prices. Let us take a look at some of the most expensive chocolates in the world.

DeLafee’s Luxury Chocolates

Most Expensive Chocolate DeLafee’s Luxury Chocolates

As far as exclusive craftsmen ship is concerned, no one does it better than these Swiss chocolatiers. The 8-chocolate box goes for $330 and the reasons for this price are many. Firstly, the box comes with a rare Swiss coin which is valued north of $100. Secondly, there are edible GOLD flakes inside the chocolate. Thirdly, each gold leaf is applied by hand and thus all these factors justify the extremely high price.

Knipschildt’s Madeleine Luxury Chocolates

Most Expensive Chocolate Knipschildt’s Madeleine Luxury Chocolates

Reportedly the most expensive chocolate in the world, a pound of this delicacy costs approximately $2500. So why the high price? There is a truffle inside each ganache. Also, the makers claim that the ganache are hand-treated rather than manufactured through a machine. To give it an air of exclusivity (rich people love exclusivity), each chocolate comes with a personally signed card and a serial number.

Noka Vintages Chocolate Collection

Most Expensive Chocolate Noka Vintages Chocolate Collection

Priced at $854 per pound, the chocolate is made of cocoa from exclusive plantations in Venezuela and Trinidad Tobago, and the box contains tasting instructions and flavor profile.

To’Ak’s Luxury Chocolate Bar

Most Expensive Chocolate To’Ak’s Luxury Chocolate Bar

Only 574 bars of this dark chocolate were made in 2014 and each costs about $260. Made of Cacao from a special forest in Ecuador, each bar comes with a 116 page booklet and a Spanish elm wooden box; all for a 500 gram chocolate bar.

Amedei’s Prendime Luxury Chocolates

Most Expensive Chocolate Amedei’s Prendime Luxury Chocolates

The chocolate from Tuscany comes in 3 flavors; dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Each 500 gram bar costs almost $50.

Le Livre Luxury Chocolates

Most Expensive Chocolate Le Livre Luxury Chocolates

As luxurious things go, gold wrapped boxes are a top choice among the wealthier people of this planet. This box of chocolate is no different. This 35 chocolate box resembles a book – no ordinary book but one embossed with gold. The price is a steep $550.

Godiva Collection Luxury Chocolates

Most Expensive Chocolate Godiva Collection Luxury Chocolates

Inspired by the American Pies (the food, not the film!), the chocolatiers decided to include ingredients such as lime, peanut butter and apple crumbs to this chocolate. The taste is apparently so good that the $120 price for the 18 piece box seems a bargain.

Richart Luxury & Gourmet Chocolates

Most Expensive Chocolate Richart Luxury & Gourmet Chocolates

Made by one of the most globalized brand of exclusive chocolate makers, Richart boasts of a diverse portfolio and a steep price of $120 per pound. Rich in tradition and made of centuries-old recipes passed down the generations; Richart is surely something to be tried at least once.

Pierre Marcolini Luxury Chocolate

Pierre Marcolini Context paris Chocolate tour

Considered to be the makers of the best Belgian chocolate, they sell each pound of their much sought-after chocolate for $100 per pound. Milk Chocolates go for 32 euros per batch. The Grand Crus Ganache is another exclusive chocolate, with each box of 36 Ganaches selling for 40 euros.

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