19 Modern Gray Living Room Sofa Designs to Inspire You

gray sofa living room decor ideas

The right furniture in the right room can really make or break the ambiance of the interior decorations. Two important things about the furniture you choose are the colors and the design.

Pasquella living room

grey and yellow sofa rug living room ideas
The Cousins

Notice how well gray and yellow go together – exquisite!

North Toronto Living Room

grey and black sofa living room ideas
Emily Griffin Design

The detail here lies not just in the sofa but also the exquisite rugs and the fireplace, everything fits together like a piece of puzzle here. I especially love the leather club chair business on the left side of the room.


grey and pink sofa living room ideas
Simpson Design Associates, LLC

The gray sofas with pink cushions are making the room look even more elegant, not to forget the chandeliers and the lighting that are just too chic!

Eclectic Amsterdam Apartment

dark grey sofa living room ideas
Holly Marder

These dark gray sofas will give your room a geometric casual look, making it ideal for any informal gossip session.

Greenwich Village Loft

Grey sofa living room design
Kimberly Peck Architect

This ideal design for a narrow setting goes a long way in adding aura and detail to your loft.

Living Room

charcoal grey sofa living room
Wolfe Rizor Interiors

Take a look at this classic sofa set and you will realize why they came into vogue in the first place. The ottoman is just exquisite too!

Bucktown Modern

Grey living room white sofa
Linc Thelen Design

A glass window and a view of the garden really complement this open airy living room and the white sofas are just serving as cherry on top.

Living Room

light grey sofa with brown couch living room ideas
Giambastiani Design

This living room has a somber aura about it and we attribute that to the classic gray sofas that add a touch of sophisticated arrogance to an otherwise simple room.

Living Room and Sun Room Combo

grey leather sofa living room ideas
Richmond Hill Interiors, llc

The dark gray couch contrasts well with the wooden floors and lighting of the room.

Marin Remodel

soft grey living room
Niche Interiors

Different colors were used here to complement a casual-looking den and this style is well-complemented by the geometric rug.

Contemporary Condo Chicago

dark grey sofa living room with orange wall
Brooke Lang Design

The set-up has been done in such a manner so as to maximize free space, and the gray couch as always goes well with the setting.

House Mosi

Grey living room brown sofa
M Square Lifestyle Design

The sectional sofa goes well with this modernistic design of the room.

Leach Residence

slate grey sofa living room decor
Freestyle Interiors

The texture of the sofas gives the room a luxurious ambiance and throw-pillows are a work of art too!

Pint-size playfulness in Vancouver

living room dark grey sectional sofa with yellow cushion
Heather Merenda

Gray and yellow can make any room appear modern, as is evidenced by this design. Notice the novel pig and the painting in the background.


grey leather sofa living room design
Studio M Interiors

This well-furnished room really exhibits great taste and the gray couch once again appears to blend in really well with the aristocratic look.

The home of Karlijn and Peter

light grey sofa living room
Holly Marder

The décor is minimal and that really is what allows the sofa to exude its charm, the gray color being the key to the aura of the room.

Suburban Contemporary Family Room

grey corner sofa living room
Laura Boisvert Design

The custom-made coffee table along with the homely drapes make the living room a fun place to be. The unconventional sofa design is easy on the eyes and just as comfortable!

New French Country

light grey and yellow sofa living room pinterest
Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

The light gray couch along with the mirrored coffee table give the room a degree of glamour without being too boisterous.

Hush Homes

Grey sofa brown couch red rug living room ideas
Avissa Mojtahedi Architecture & Design Inc.

The glitzy décor maybe too much for the eye and perhaps that is the reason why we have a conservative gray sofa in the room to balance the score. The result – absolute class!

Planning to have grey color added to your living room’s couch? We hope this post shall help you in getting inspiration on how to use grey within your living room, you can try some patterns or different shades of grey with colors like yellow, pink, light blue, charcoal grey cushions, black or white, light green also goes pretty well with grey. Do share with us if you have a grey sofa or couch in your living room and we shall add it to this list for others to pick inspiration from.

Written by Sheri


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