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Have you ever rated yourself regarding parenting? I know this question sounds a little ridiculous. I just thought maybe most parents, if not all, have thought of themselves as poor-performing parents. It is true that at one point in parenthood, you will find yourself doubting your skills and decision making.

I think that the doubt comes from feeling worn out. We usually feel burdened with too much responsibility on our kids every day, and it just feels so heavy. We try our very best to balance our life making sure we still manage to be sociable. Indeed there can be too much pressure.

How to keep yourself positive

Now I would like to share my thoughts on how to keep a positive mind amidst all the pressure. How do we keep up and how do we still maintain a happy outlook?

Well, it is just a matter of knowing how to juggle both parenthood and social life. But although it sounds pretty easy, it needs tons of work and motivation.

Are you able to make time for yourself even with too much on your plate at home? Do you go out on dinner dates with your friends? Do you still put out those adjustable dumbbells and work out when the kids are away?

In this day and age, people just let the days pass making a living and just trying not to die. These people do not look ahead and think of bigger, more challenging goals. Sadly, not all people have the drive to continue and just give up due to the lack of motivation. That’s what we will try to work out with the facts I will be sharing here.

So, are you ready to beat that little parenthood anxiety you have been having and hiding? Are you willing to learn what the secrets are to finding that perfect life balance?

how to balance work and family life

Parenthood and Social Life Balance

I’m pretty sure you have already discussed this with your other parent friends. You ask them how they get by every day and compare it to your “methods.” Well, comparing your life to theirs can be healthy, but only to a certain extent.

You cannot always admire another person’s life while pitying yours. The first step is for you to be thankful. Being thankful for what you have no matter how crappy your mornings are is one step to being happier. Showing gratitude, even just a little bit, can make a huge difference in your life as a whole.

What else can you do?

Hobbies shares some very helpful tips that I have adopted recently. I am not saying that this works for everybody, but they can be interesting to ponder on.

First, is making time for your hobbies. These hobbies that the article is referring to are those that do not require so much time and effort. The key is to learn how to squeeze them into your busy schedule. You may be asking, “Is that possible?” Well yes, it is.

Plan an entire day of doing your favorite thing to do in the world. Perhaps you can go for a complete workout. Alternatively, maybe you want to just go to a salon for your most desired haircut. Whatever it is that you have been longing for, do it.

In doing this, you should plan ahead, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your kids and spouse unattended. For some “low maintenance” parents, just going out for a quick walk or buying something at the grocery store will do.

The idea here is just for you to rest your brain in thinking about your responsibilities as parents. Do not get me wrong—we are not asking you to forget about your kids entirely. What we only want is for you to get back whatever is left of your sanity. Do that by doing your favorite thing even if it only gives you 30 minutes of break. could not emphasize hobbies enough. According to the article, doing your hobbies occasionally will help you get through your days easier.

This personally worked for me. I know how hard and impossible it could be to attend to kids and chores while trying to watch TV. It felt like a heavy daily grind to me. But when I started blogging and watching videos during my child’s nap, I felt entirely different.

I think that knowing there is something you can do for yourself or a “me thing” is significant. It brings back a moment when you are the only person you need to please and attend to. Moreover, that surely feels good.

Get Help

Another key is for you to get the help you have always needed. Doing everything on your own can be the main reason for your feelings of depression.  Carrying all the burden of responsibilities can drain you physically, emotionally and psychologically. One day you might find yourself breaking down because of this.

So again, what can you do? The answer is to ask for someone else to lend a hand. Never be afraid that people will judge you because you asked for help. It is entirely okay to admit that you are tired and you need extra hands.

Maybe you could hire a babysitter once in a while so you can go out. Or perhaps you can ask the help of your parents so your kids could also have quality time with them. Or maybe a friend who likes tidying up houses can help too. I’m sure there is always one whom you can ask.

Wrapping things up

So there you have it: a few notes and pieces of advice that I hope would help you. Keeping these things in mind and especially making them happen will make a huge difference.

I would understand if this is a topic you are always trying to avoid. I do not always share these kinds of things when I feel emotional. However, it’s nice to know that someone else is having the same concerns as yours sometimes. With so much feeling of self-doubt and weariness, that’s the only time you feel healthy.

Giving gifts and helping other make you feel better

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