5 Best Free Android Learning Apps for PreSchoolers

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Technology continues to play an ever-increasing part in our daily lives. With increasingly advanced smart phones gracing the markets and the advent of 4G, 5G and even advanced technologies, it has become vital to keep ourselves and our kids abreast with the latest technology. The android platform provides several apps that can help your toddlers and younger children learn even before they set foot in a school. We bring to you some of the best apps for preschool learning.


Learning Letters Puppy by Fisher-Price, Inc. is one of the most rated app on android right now with approximately one million downloads and the best thing is that it’s FREE. The app offers learning of all four basic kinds, namely numbers, letters, shapes and music. Even the comments section, which is usually full of criticism, was observed to be full of praises for the app. Most of the users has praised for its interface, which is observed to be easy so that preschool kids can explore app on their own.

Kids Preschool Learning App

Kids University (Preschool) by Forqan Smart Tech is extremely popular app among parents of young children, it is one of the most comprehensive and detailed apps. It is entirely ad-free and that too at no price. The app aims at users aged between 3 and 6 years. It employs puzzles to teach its users about numbers, colors, alphabets and even vegetables among many other things.

Kids Preschool Learning Android Apps

Kids Preschool Learning Games by Greysprings Software Solutions is yet another popular app, rated at 4.3 out of 5, it has received almost 100,000 downloads. Many parents especially praise the variety of games available in this app as well as the beautiful audio and visual effects.

Kids Preschool Learning Android Apps

Preschool Learning Games Kids by CFC s.r.o. has almost a million downloads which speaks well about its effectiveness and popularity. The app has a paid as well as a free version. The sad part is that most of the important features are available only on the paid version. However, the free version continues to maintain its popularity among the parents. Not limited to parents only but several app reviewers praised it for being completely ‘kid-oriented’ because of several features including a very simple kids friendly menu.

Kids Preschool Learning Android Apps

Preschool Learning: Princess by ARPA Media seems to be more popular among young girls and this can be attributed to its name, which isn’t really appealing to most guys. It has almost a hundred thousand downloads and a rating of 3.8. The best thing about this app is that it teaches and tests not just on shapes, numbers and puzzles but also on attention, logic and differences. It also has an interesting reward system, which gives even more incentive to the users to learn more effectively. However, it also has ads in the free version, which can become a nuisance at times. However, the paid version can get rid of these ads.

Kids Preschool Learning Android Apps

While these five apps definitely are among some of the best apps in the said area, be sure to check out other apps as well. There are numerous types of apps, each having its own strengths and weaknesses and the best app for you will be the one that serves you the best.

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