5 Must have Social Media Apps for Marketers

Life on the go can be hectic and modern times require us to always be on top of our game. While the technology that is beginning to have an ever-increasing role in our daily lives does make it hard to keep track of all your tasks, there are ways in which we could actually benefit from all the technology. There are numerous brilliant apps that can help you be more productive as a marketing professional.

Buffer; one of the most premium and well-known apps for social media marketers, it has received half a million downloads on the android platform. It has a rating of 4.3 given to it by the users. Buffer not only provides you with statistics about all your posts on the social media platforms, it also allows you to schedule posts so that your profiles remain active even when you are busy elsewhere. Buffer works with almost all the major social media sites. It has a suave, elegant control panel which makes navigating the app even greater a pleasure.

Konnect Social by Prudent Analytics; this is a relatively lesser known app but it has been rated highly by the users. What distinguishes it is that it has an excellent system which allows you to search LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter for certain keywords. You can use this functionality to find out what is being said about your business. Along with this, it also provides statistics about your posts as well as allowing you to schedule posts.

Everypost LogoSocial Media Platform by Everpost; this is another efficient app with several distinguishing characteristics. The app creators boast that it is different from other apps in the way that it allows to create personalized content. Most of its features are quite similar to buffer. It also allows you to search for content from YouTube, Flickr as well as allowing your content to be sent through email. The major drawback is that the free version apparently has a restriction on the number of times you could schedule your posts. The paid version, however, only costs ten bucks so that may not be a problem for serious social media marketers.

hootsuite logoHootsuite; another immensely popular app, it has received a million downloads on android and has both a free and paid version. Apart from the features such as scheduling posts and data analytics, it also notifies you every time your brand gets mentioned on any particular platform. Posts can be made in more than 50 languages and posting long links is no longer a problem as the app comes with the functionality to shorten the link. A drawback is that the free version only allows you to manage three social networks and no more than that.

Mention LogoMention; this app may not have extensive functionalities but its simple use is to track the number of times your business is mentioned on different sites. The best thing about this app is its compactness and simplicity.

We hope that these apps help you to maximize your productivity and make your posts achieve a wider reach.

Written by Sheri


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