Leaked!!! 20 Super Cool Future Cars Concepts

#11 Cadillac’s Urban Luxury Classic

The Urban’s fuel efficiency is quite spectacular. At a whopping 56 MPG in the city and 65 MPG on the highway, it’s more than just a shiny new toy. The inside is especially roomy, perfect for a young family living in the city. It even features a special baby docking station to keep your youngest safe at all times.

Cadillac's Urban Luxury Classic

#12 Bugatti Galiber

The Galiber will be the next in line for Bugatti, once the Veyron Gran series is complete. The final product should differ greatly from the initial concept model, as it has now seen several heads of design revamp the look twice over. Additionally, the price point is expected to remain in the lofty confines of the 7 figure club.

Bugatti Galiber

#13 Jaguar C X75 Concept

The estimated price for this ridiculous plug-in hybrid would be north of $1.1 million. The auto maker still has several tests to run, and benchmarks to reach before it enters production in late 2014. Sure looks pretty!

Jaguar C X75 Concept


#14 BMWi3

Another player in the always growing compact market, BMW’s new guy is flashy and electric. Better yet, the rear doors open from left to right, giving this rookie a very chic look. Rumor has it there is even a big brother version coming out next year.



#15 Fisker Surf

This is a station wagon to be proud of. This stylishly practical hybrid is due out this year with an estimated price tag of $100,000. Wealthy soccer dads all over the worlds rejoice.

Fisker Surf


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