7 Best Android Phone Call Recorder Apps

In modern times, where surveillance and ‘having a record of everything’ is becoming a necessary evil, the need for a reliable call recording app is becoming increasingly evident. Let us take a look at some of the best such apps;Call Recorder by Clever Mobile for Android Mobiles

1. Call Recorder by Clever Mobile: With 10 million downloads; the app certainly is the winner of the pack. It has received a 4.0 rating by users and is considered a reliable app by most who use it. The description also provides solutions to common issues that the users may encounter. A drawback of this app is that the ability to share recorded items is only available with a paid version. The paid version also contains exclusively the feature of confirmation dialogue box.

Automatic Call Recorder by SMSROBOT LTD for Android Mobiles2. Automatic Call Recorder by SMS Robot: With a rating of whopping 4.2, this free app certainly seems to be a master of its trade. Some users have, however, complained that it only records for a certain duration of the call; some claimed to have recorded only 4 minutes while others reported it to be 20.

Call Recorder by Skvalex for Android Phones3. CallRecorder by Skvalex: This is an app that jolts most android users accustomed to the freebies as it is priced at a whopping $11.40. While the recording ability and interface is quite up to the mark, what really sets it apart is the one-on-one help that the developer provides to its buyers who run into trouble with the app. We do still feel, however, that $11.40 price tag is a little too much.

Call Recorder by ViktorDegt for Android Mobiles Phones4. Call recorder by ViktorDegt: A very handy app with almost one million downloads, it is especially handy if you are interested in editing the conversations. An easy to use interface allows you to organize all recordings. The paid version also includes features such as choosing individual settings and recording quality.

AndroRec Free Call Recorder by YorkerApps for Android Mobile Phones5. Androrec Free call recorder: Rated 3.9 by the users, it is just as good as any other app but has a few limitations as well. Firstly, it cannot record calls from Bluetooth and in some cases might not record the opposite side due to “hardware limitations”.

Super Call Recorder by MeiHillMan for Android Mobiles Phones6. Super Call Recorder by MeiHillMan: The app has merely a 100,000 downloads but is rated highly at 4.3. It claims to be supported on all phones using an OS version higher than 2.1 (a big claim to make). Some users complained of a complicated interface, but overall, the reviews have been great. Users report clear voice quality and few glitches, which is quite extraordinary when compared to the rest of the apps under review.

All Call Recorder for Android Mobile Phones7. All Call Recorder: It is a free app with approximately 1 million downloads on the android store and a user rating of 3.9. Users have described it easy to use but a major drawback is that the voice on the other end is sometimes not recorded at all, or is recorded at too low a volume to be of any use.

In conclusion, I would just add that all these apps have approximately the same level of functionality, with some being slightly better than others. A recurrent issue common to almost all apps is glitches that begin to occur whenever a software update is implemented. It is high time that the developers began to respond to customer-specific queries before the applications become a source of stress rather than assistance.

Written by Sheri


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