8 of the Most Pumped-up Cop Mobiles

Super Cop Police Cars

Cops all over the world have usually been painted as donut-eating, lazy men who cruise around in outdated town-cars. However, these days, the above mentioned image couldn’t be further away from the truth. Cops all over the world are getting equipped with the latest technologies, and automobiles are also getting an update. Let’s look at some of the best cop cars all over the world:

Lykan Hypersport Police Car

1. Lykan Hypersport: Acquired recently by Abu Dhabi police as it attempts to outshine the illustrious police squad of its neighboring Dubai, the Lykan is sure to add glamour to the cops cruising in the super car. The Lykan is a bit of a movie star itself, as it was featured in thrilling scenes in the Fast and Furious 7.

Written by Sheri


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