8 Hottest Celebrity New Summer Hairstyles

Hottest Best Hairstyles for Summer

When it comes to their hair, women care just as much as they would for their new-born baby. With an ample amount of hair, women unlike men have plenty of options on how they want to style their hair. Let’s have a look at the top trending hairstyles that are sure to make a lady stand out.

Messy Hairstyle for Summers

Make yourself look like you just got out of bed, except of course; you didn’t. You spent 3 hours trying to achieve the perfect mid-parting and that tousle doesn’t happen itself. This style usually is more effective for women with long hair.

Cara Delevingne in Blue Dress
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Casual Side-Part Hairstyle for Summers

an easy-to-achieve style for girls with straight long hair, it automatically bestows upon the person an air of elegance class. It is also easy to wear and maintain. A perfect hairstyle for the ladies who have long hair but do not want to be bothered arranging them the entire day.

America Ferrera in White Dress
Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Mermaid Hairstyle for Summers

For the ladies who do not have the classic silky hair but ample length, this seems an ideal style. Just let your hair down and let the slight curls in your wavy hair do the magic for you, giving you an oceanic aura. Combing, of course, is a must.

Rihanna in White Shirt
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Wavy Side-Part Hairstyle for Summers

this is a slightly risky hairstyle, and girls may choose to wear it only during special occasions as it takes a lot of maintenance. A side-part will be especially popular with Natalie Dormer fans. The actress wore a hairstyle much similar to the side part. What is so special about this style is that it exudes confidence and makes sure that it catches everyone’s attention at the party, without begging for it.

Anna Kendrick in White Dress
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Full Curls Hairstyle for Summers

A hairstyle usually best for medium length hair, it is easy to maintain and for most girls, it occurs naturally. Curls are an easy to carry, casual look which will give a chic look to whoever wears it.

Elle Macpherson in Black

The Pixie Hairstyle for Summers

One of the riskier haircuts, few girls are brave enough to venture forth and embrace this hairstyle, and with good reason too. The pixie is not for everyone, and there is no going back once you get it. It is usually ideal for girls with slender frame and oblong faces support the hair too. Most important for this hairstyle, however, is the confidence to carry it.

Emma Watson in Pixie Haircut

Bangs Hairstyle for Summers

Yes, they are back in vogue. Once considered cute, they were soon rendered too loud. But now, this hairstyle is making a comeback. The best thing about bangs is that it can go with any type of hair. You can even improvise and experiment with newer hairstyles that branch out of the traditional ‘straight bangs’.

Medium Length Bangs Hairstyle for Summers

Braided Bun Hairstyle for Summers

A casual look with little maintenance, this hairstyle keeps the hair out of your way as you try to beat the summer heat. The braid exudes a fun and charming persona while the bun helps you remain easy with yourself as you plod through that boring summer internship.

Shailene Woodley

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