How to Treat Acne in Summer


Acne, a skin condition due to which pimples or zits are caused including blackheads, red and white heads or an inflamed patches on your skin. Before we talk about home remedies or tips for treating it, I think it is necessary for you to understand why it is caused.

According to WebMD, it is caused due to sebum that clogs the pores on your skin which attracts the bacteria and become inflamed. In case of women it has been observed that pregnancy, menopause and cosmetics actively contribute in the development of acne.

Natural Home Remedies to Fight Acne & Heat Bumps during summers

neem leaves for acne treatment

· Boil bunch of neem leaves in fresh water for about half an hour or until the colour appears. Cool down the mixture, strain it and apply on the affected places. Wash it with cold water after 20 mins.

rose water for acne treatment· Take the rose water and freeze it to form the shape of ice cubes. Apply the ice cubes to the affected places on your skin.

raw milk for acne treatment· Dip cotton into the raw milk and apply it on the affected areas on a daily basis if you are not allergic to milk. This will not only help to heal up but will make the marks vanish too.

Tulsi or basil leaves for Acne Treatment

· Make a paste of the tulsi leaves also known as basil leaves and apply it to your skin. It is advised to do so twice or thrice a week.

Ice cubes for acne treatment· Take a small piece of plastic and wrap an ice cube to apply on the affected area at least thrice a day. This will ease the inflammation and reduce the redness around the affected area on your skin.

tree oil for acne treatment· Oil of tea tree is found to be very effective in healing up the acne, so apply just a drop of it on the affected areas. Doing this almost thrice a day can heal up very quickly.

Lemon for acne treatment· Gently rub lemon on the pimples, as it contains citric acid which helps flushing out the pores therefore it’s pretty useful or else you can use vinegar too.

Some Tips for Future Acne Breakouts

· Use skincare products which are oil free or contain less moisturisers to make your skin glow but not greasy.

· Always apply sun block before going out in day time.

· Use a CC cream that has medium coverage and avoid foundations or tinted moisturisers.

· Use face wipes on the go to wipe the sweat, it will also keep you fresh.

· Don’t forget to take off the make up before going to the bed and try applying acne treatment with salicylic acid.

What do you do to control acne during the summer months?

Written by Julie Collins


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