5 Tips to Get Chubby Cheeks to fill up Your Face Fast

Cute Chubby Cheeks

Chubby cheeks are something everyone desires. Do they not only reflect a healthy lifestyle but also give the face an innocent look that can appear very attractive. Unfortunately, not everyone has chubby cheeks and while many associate such cheeks with an impending weight problem, there are some ways to get chubby cheeks without adding extra pounds.

1. Natural ways include many methods to achieve chubby cheeks. Face yoga and other facial exercises are often suggested. Pulling back the corners of your mouth, pursing your lips to cover the teeth, and holding such a position is considered a good exercise. One may also blow balloons to work up the facial muscles. These exercises give the cheeks a natural glow and make the cheeks appear chubbier than they really are.

Use moisturizers as well because they help the skin remain clean and fresh and can be especially effective if used after removing make up. Make-up can be an additional burden to the skin and so it must be used as little as possible. While make-up may prove to be a short-term remedy, in the long run it could dull your skin and make it appear leathery or sallow.

2. Experts also suggest several kinds of pastes that can revitalize your skin and help the growth of chubbier cheeks. Helpful natural ingredients include honey, fenugreek, and milk among others. While these ingredients may be used to make masks of different sorts, it is important to remember is that they only make your cheeks appear shiny and revitalized without actually making the cheeks chubby.

3. A slight blush on the cheeks has proven to make cheeks look chubbier. To achieve this, one may pinch the cheeks slightly and repeat this exercise over a number of days. Also, using slight blush-on powder could help achieve a slight tinge, albeit artificially.

4. There are many artificial methods to actually make the cheeks chubbier. One is the transfer of additional fat. After consultation from a doctor, an individual may choose to apply additional fat on to the cheeks through surgery. Another method that may be used is the fat injections that are less risky but the fat has to be replaced every two years when using injections.

5. While being proactive about the cheeks is important, it is also important to keep one’s own habits in check. Smoking is extremely harmful to the skin as it causes it to dry up and appear dehydrated. Foods rich in turmeric are suggested to be avoided as they can cause dryness of the skin. Washing off make up is necessary for the skin to retain its glow. Last but not the least, it is often suggested to wear a sunscreen that protects against dust, sunlight and pollution.

In conclusion, it must be remembered that a healthy, glowing skin automatically makes the skin appear chubbier and so every effort must be made to achieve and protect the freshness and glow of the skin.

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