13 Contemporary Hanging Crystal Chandeliers in Living Room

Spikes crystal chandeliers

In the olden times, Chandeliers used to be the mark of wealth and exquisite taste. Such lighting fixtures were rarely seen in the houses of the commoners and were usually found in the ‘higher’ houses. With changing times and a shift towards simplicity, or ‘minimalism’, chandeliers appeared to be destined for demise but that hasn’t been the case. The following are some types of chandeliers that have maintained the same grandeur and aura as before

190 Strand

Two Round Crystal Chandeliers
190 Strand

This type of chandelier is ideal to illuminate the largest of areas without becoming burdening on the eyes. It has proven to be an ideal choice for those with little kids under their care.

375 Kensington high Street

Square Cube Crystal Chandeliers
CID Interieur

The modernist approach to chandelier design worked out great as the result was this exquisitely designed chandelier. Not only has it got an aura of minimalism, but its sturdy shape makes its surroundings look efficient and truly exquisite.

Circular Chandeliers

Circular Chandeliers
Hannah Rose Interiors

Another novel idea that has recently begun to gain greater recognition among those who have a taste for interior design.

City Townhome

translucent design crystal chandelier
Debra Villeneuve Interiors

Just like all classics, this Chandelier continues to command reverence among interior designers and home-owners alike. While others changed, this style remained strong in its footing – and never did its popularity dwindle.

Fire to the rain

crystal balls chandelier
S&A Decor

This truly modern chandler goes well in almost any situation, but place it within a contrasting wooden surrounding and it truly becomes magnificent.

Fisher Island

Big rectangle crystal chandeliers
Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

This chandelier is a true deviant from the regular chandelier mould that we have all grown accustomed to. Yet, it is among the most well-like lighting fixtures in the market – and all that because of its novel concept and design.

Flying Point Residence

Spikes crystal chandeliers
Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Another novel design, this chandelier is ideally suitable for rooms with high ceilings. The fascinating design can be an ideal addition to any plush living room.

French Country Home

Traditional Big crystal chandeliers
Catherine Sandin

The timelessness of this chandelier’s design makes it stand out in any room without being too loud, or worse – too attention-seeking.


Swarovski Crystals Chandeliers
Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

A mixture of the old and the new, this particular chandelier is only favored by the truly trained eyes that know what room requires what kind of a chandelier. This design is brilliant due to the fact that you don’t have to think about what room to place it in – the design fits just right in.

Georgian Townhouse

Swarovski Crystals Chandeliers
Oliver Burns

The symmetry of the room is astounding; the cherry on the cake is the chandelier that goes beautifully with the contrasted furniture and walls.

Glencoe Residence 1

Round Crystals Chandeliers
Handman Associates

This trendy design for the chandelier may not be as ornate as the classical one. It may be too round for eyes that demand exquisite energy from there chandeliers, and yet it goes well with the room that is every bit fashionable as it is homey.

Hampstead Apartment

Big Round Crystals Chandeliers
Stephen Fletcher Architects

It looks like a crown, and when done right – it really is the crown jewel of any interior design.

Lexington Kentucky Living Room

Victorian-Pop crystal-chandeliers
Jeff Walker Photography

This chandelier really takes you back to the Victorian era, and this tells us that while we may crave modern life, it’s the classics that can really build an aura of the room.

This is the list of classy living rooms with unique crystal chandeliers that stands out. These crystal chandeliers are good to pick inspiration from before buying one for your living room.

Written by Sheri


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