Cracked Heels or Feet? 7 Easy & Unique Secrets to Heal Immediately

Tips tp cure Cracked Heels and Feet

Cracked heels can prove to be a major embarrassment for anyone, and they can develop for any number of reasons. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to fix those cracked heels which means you never have to hesitate taking your shoes off in public.

Paraffin wax, Use paraffin wax to develop a mixture including honey, mustard oil or coconuts. Such a mixture will revitalize your heels and absorption of nutrients will help heal those cracks, making your feet smooth as baby skin.

Ripe Banana, Bananas have been suggested an ideal healer of not just constipation but also an effective remedy for cracked heels. The experts suggest that we may mash bananas to make a paste which could then be applied to the feet. Leaving the paste overnight, it should be washed in the morning. Such a process should be repeated throughout a week and it is sure to heal the cracks.

Natural Pastes, Experts suggest using different pastes with natural components. Those most often recommended are sesame oil, oatmeal and honey among many others. All these natural components may be used to make pastes that can heal the cracks. The effectiveness varies from person to person, and sometimes may prove to be too expensive with few results.

Scrubbing, it is deemed the most effective method to deal with cracked heels and feet. The elders suggest that a person should immerse their feet in warm water for a small period of time. Then, a pumice stone should be used to scrub off the cracked area which consists of dead skin cells. After this, the feet should be washed and a moisturizing cream be applied to the feet. The process should be repeated a number of time every week.

Milk, a great natural moisturizer and an excellent source of nutrients, milk can serve as an excellent option when dealing with cracked heels. Milk can effectively deal with dryness which is a leading cause of cracked heels. The best thing about using milk is that you do not have to make any complicated pastes. All you have to do is immerse your feet in a mixture of milk and warm water. To aid with the healing, you may make a simple scrub by adding sugar to baby oil. Apply this scrub to the feet for 5 minutes and then wash your feet.

Oils, you may use oils as a substitute to the above-mentioned method. Warm some water in a container you could put your feet in. Add natural oils, peppermint, eucalyptus and sesame oil is deemed more effective than the rest. Next, simply immerse your feet in the mixture and let the oils do the magic for you.

Diet, this is perhaps the most important aspect of healing your heels. Eat a balanced diet, but more than that concentrate on vitamins A, C and E. Green vegetables, goat milk and whole grains can serve an important role in remedying cracked heels.

Cracked heels may be a nuisance, but they can be easily healed and avoided. Follow these tips and never again be ashamed of your feet.

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