6 Most Weirdest Restaurants in the World

Heart Attack Grill Restaurant US

Too many a times we desire to eat exotic food because we love the experience, but what if there was more to experience than just the food? There are many restaurants that distinguish themselves for not the food on the menu, but the ambiance and the aura that they offer to customers. However, there are certain restaurants which are known for neither of the things. Let us have a look at some of the truly weird restaurants in the world.

Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack Grill Restaurant US

The Las Vegas eatery serves food that is synonymous to a nightmare for a person on diet. However, the greasy food is not the only thing which creates the novelty factor for this restaurant. Apparently, the waitresses dress up as sexy nurses and meals are free for anyone weighing more than 350 pounds, isn’t that weird at all? Now you probably realize why we kept this on the top followed by,

Cabbages and Condoms

cabbages & condoms restaurant bangkok thailand

This is truly an unusual weirdest restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand, do visit this place for some comic relief upon your visit to Bangkok. Perhaps the owner finds the idea of a condom funny, or maybe it’s the sheer awkwardness of the waiters wearing a condom-like hat, the place is definitely for those who like to take their humor to an extreme level. By the way they do have a funny tagline as well “Our Food is Guaranteed Not to Cause Pregnancy”.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

This pearl in the ocean is one of the most exotic places you will ever be. Surrounded by the blue ocean water and all the organisms that come with it, you can now enjoy a meal while you watch its ‘relatives’ swim by. Even more extreme is the thought that the fish you just saw swim by might end up on your plate. Now, isn’t that an experience of a life time? If you wish to explore this weird restaurant you need to go down to Maldives for this.

Magic Rest Room Café

Restaurant with Toilet Interior Design

Its things like these that make us wonder what the humanity has come to and how weird it became. The restaurant in LA has its theme based entirely on toilets. You sit on the toilet seat as you eat meals named after ‘constipation’ and choose from a menu that boasts of dishes that ‘smell like poop’. Even the desserts are extreme, with a certain sundae claiming to be inspired by the glory of ‘dark poop’. A similar restaurant in Taiwan offers meals in commode-shaped bowls. Visit this place if the ‘poop’ amazes you.

Snow Village Ice Restaurant

Snow Village Ice Restaurant

As if Finland wasn’t exotic enough on its own, the country apparently has an ‘all-ice’ eatery in the northern region. The entire structure and furniture, including the tables and chairs, are made of natural ice and you get served some delicious local dishes of the country. If you decide to pay it a visit, make sure to wear two pairs of socks or you might get the flu, or frost bite. This weird restaurant can be found in Lainiotie, Kittilä, Finland.

The Royal Dragon

The Royal Dragon

This is the restaurant for you if you are holidaying in Asia and are looking for the complete far-east experience. The sheer size of the place is enough to dazzle you but there is more to come. Eating here means you get served by waiters walking on water, flying around on zip wires and using roller skates. Adding to the ambiance are live karate shows as well as Chinese music. You can even choose live sea food. Almost 5,000 customers are served daily by 450 costumed waiters and here you are charged by the weight of the food you order so be careful upon your visit to this weird restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

There are numerous other restaurants that are increasingly weird. The truth is that the weirdness of our eateries is limited only by our own imagination. Did you also came across any weird restaurants around the world? If yes, share your experience below in the comments section.

Written by Sheri


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