How to Remove Ear Hair

How to Remove Ear Hair

As we grow the skin of our ears starts getting unattractive not due to the wrinkles but due to the undesired growth of hairs on them. This problem is common in both the men and women, to make your ears attractive, distinctive techniques are being adopted. Waxing is one of the technique for which you may need an assistant as wax may drip into the ear canal, which could be very dangerous. Make sure you do not over heat the wax or else it may burn your ear skin.

Wash your ear skin using an anti-bacterial soap and dry them with a dry, clean towel or a tissue paper as wax may not work properly over wet ears.

Melt the wax by heating it up in the microwave or on the stove or you can even place it in the double boiler.

When the wax is melted, check its temperature by applying a bit of it on your finger, so you may get an idea that whether it is bearable over your skin.

Apply wax on your ears with the help of a wooden spatula and paste a cotton strip over it.

Remove the cotton strip forcefully in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Repeat the process again and again in the same manner to remove all undesired hairs grown over your ears.

Once done with the removal of hairs, wash your ears with an anti-bacterial soap, dry your skin with towel or tissue.

Apply the cream over your ear, which usually comes along with the wax you bought.

Written by Julie Collins


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