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Sample of Christmas Letter to Employees by CEO

Christmas Letter to Employees by CEO

Christmas letters are usually an emotional affair, and they allow us to connect on a deeper level with not just our loved ones, but also those with whom we interact every day. In this article, we will be looking at how a Christmas letter from a business leader (CEO) should be addressed to his/her employees.

The nature of the business world is such that it makes the ones at the top appear aloof and cold – a Christmas letter is a perfect opportunity to break this stereotype. While some companies use the same, generic letter every year, there are others who actually make a good deal of effort to personally write a letter for the employees. Not only does the letter help the boss connect with the employees, it also motivates everyone to work more efficiently for the organization.

A good Christmas letter is a mixture of warmth, affection, and motivation. Many successful CEOs know the value of human interaction and so they write in a manner that makes their letters seem less formal and more like a note from a friend. Hence, lesson number one is to make sure that you write a letter that is more like one from a friend than from a CEO. Funny anecdotes, interesting observations, casual mentions of office slang and a bit of self-deprecating comedy can go a long way in instilling warmth in your letter.

Secondly, mention the importance of family. Since Christmas is a time for the family, the boss must write about how the company values family values and has its employees’ best interest at heart. Hints at bonuses, employee incentives or promotions can be a good way to achieve this.

Thirdly, the CEO must motivate while addressing the workers. While this may seem out of place in the whole letter which appears to have a rather festive, laid back context, the truth is that some subtly hidden words of motivation can really hit the point home. This can be a bit difficult, and if a CEO comes across as too assertive in the letter, it may cancel out the effect of everything written above, and may even make the Boss look worse.

The boss can simply point out how working harder towards a greater good (family, environment, country) can help everyone. By attaching performance to the employees’ own interests, the CEO can manage to motivate without destroying his own repute.

There are also a few things that every boss needs to watch out for while writing the letter. Firstly, the letter could appear insincere if it sounds generic. Using empty terms and content that lacks any real meaning can cause an employee to lose complete interest in what the boss has to say. Not just that, but it could also make employees feel unimportant, thus hurting the morale of the workers.

As in any kind of letter, the key is to make the reader feel like they are being talked to individually. If a CEO can make each and every recipient feel like a real person, the objective of the letter has been achieved.

Sample of Christmas Letter from CEO to Employees

Dated: 11 December, 2011

To All Valuable Employees of XYZ Corporation:

Warm greetings of Christmas to all our employees! We hope all of our employees enjoy and truly experience the spirit of this season. Therefore, we shall take sometime off to relax and unite together with a light and cheery heart to celebrate this joyful season.

The management of the company honors the effort of hardworking employees that they place in their tasks. We are truly pleased with everyone’s work outputs and overall production through which company was able to attain and went even beyond our missions and goal for the year 2011. The company made a great achievement this year, which was not possible without the team work efforts and cooperation of all employees.

We hope that you and your family experience a very Happy Christmas!


Written by Julie Collins


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