How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Runny & Sore Nose Fast

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy, Runny, Sore Nose

According to the Disease Control & Prevention Centers Runny, stuffy or sore nose can be caused by over hundreds of viruses. It’s usually happens during the cold season but don’t worry home remedies and medicines can easily help you getting rid of it.

– Take steam either by a steamer or by sitting in bathroom after taking a warm shower. It will help in thinning mucus in your nose allowing you to breathe easily.

– Add moisture to your room air by installing a cool mist humidifier, which helps in thinning the mucus, allowing you to breather easily.

– Try sleeping flat by putting a rolled towel under your head as it helps in sleeping with a clearer nose.

– Give your earlobe a massage for around 10 seconds.

– Blow your nose but try not to be too hard.

– Rub a small amount of balm or Vicks under your nose.

– See a doctor.

Written by Julie Collins


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