How to Reduce & Control your Anger

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Anger is natural human nature and it is highly recommended to control it at the initial stage before it makes the situation and relationships worst. Anger just leads one towards destruction and won’t make things better. According to the research its being found that if the anger is not being controlled it could lead to health issues such as heart diseases, stress, depression, blood pressure issues, obesity and alcohol dependency.

There are many ways through which you can easily control your anger and can save yourself from such issues, pick the ones which work for you:

1. Drink a glass of water, when you are angry as it helps calm your nerves.

2. Keep quiet while you are angry or try counting till ten before you speak.

3. Take a deep breath and try to think about the solution rather thinking about the problem.

4. Take a bath, if possible as it effects immediately.

5. Listen to soft music, it works for some people. It actually depends whatever music you like, listen to that whenever you are angry as it will divert your concentration.

6. Take a walk in open air, it will help to overcome anger and will change environment for you resulting in betterment of the situation.

7. Meditation is also an effective way to calm yourself and helps you to regain inner peace.

8. Recall some old good memories. Doing so helps you make smile and forget about the current situation.

9. Write down all your thoughts as it makes you realize, by reading your thoughts when you are calm. It may not help for many people.

10. Try to smile while you are angry as it helps in defusing the tense situation.

Hope the above mentioned tips will help you to get control over anger.

Written by Sheri


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