How to Naturally make your Eyelashes Longer and Thicker

The hairs grown on the top of the eyelid are known as Eyelashes. It not only prevents the dust particles from entering into your eyes but also universally considered as a symbol of beauty. Due to which almost every women has an intention of having longer eyelashes and surprisingly there are several things through which your dream can come true. Try exploring the ways for getting longer eyelashes listed below:

Home Remedies for making your Eyelashes Longer Naturally

  • Avoid too much consumption of caffeine and alcohol as this retards the growth of hairs.
  • Before going to bed try applying caster oil or petroleum jelly or olive oil to your eyelashes as it helps strengthening them. Don’t forget to wash them in the morning.
  • Try applying a mixture of caster oil and vegetable glycerin before going off to the bed.
  • Create a healthy diet plan for yourself, which shall include more vitamins, zinc, magnesium and carotene.
  • Try applying Oil containing Vitamin E to your eyelashes with the help of a clean eyelash brush.
  • Most importantly do not forget to brush your eyelashes regularly, gently.

Get Longer Eyelashes with Mascara 

Light eyelashes can be made look dense, longer and more noticeable by using darker mascara. However, you may need to keep this in mind that it does not help in growing your eyelashes but temporary solution. Be careful while applying mascara to your eyelashes as it often break dry and brittle eyelashes.

  • Try applying the liner close to the lash line which shall contain a bit darker tone to the color of the lashes, it will make the lashes appearance denser but if the eye liner is extended to the outer edge it will give an impact of longer eye lashes. As well as try to curl the eyelashes outwards.
  • Try to avoid the clumping of the product when applied as it gives unpleasant look. So make sure to wipe your mascara brush with a clean tissue paper before applying.
  • Always roll the mascara brush gently from inner side (base) towards the outer side (tip) of the eyelashes.
  • After rolling the mascara brush gently sweep the upper eyelash to get a wider look as well as sweep the lower eyelash vertically to remove any remaining clump and do not forget to keep a tissue under the lower eyelash.
  • Keep your mascara brush clean by using a brush as your eyes are one of the sensitive parts in your body.

Get longer Eyelashes with Extensions

An extension for the eyelashes surely gives longer looking eyelashes but here again you need to take care as this whole process can also result in breakage of your eyelashes, if they are not strong enough or are rough. Sometimes synthetic fibers also gives fake look, which usually women do not wish to have during the process of increasing the length of their eyelashes.

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