How to Apply Lowlights & Highlights to Hairs

highlights lowlights hair at home

Lowlights or highlights can make you look more attractive, such type of hair coloring method has proven to make a lot of fanatics out of women and men. It could be applied in any type of season at home with professional looking result just by following the steps mentioned below.

Choose a hair color of your choice, suggested would be a couple of shades darker than your natural hair color so that it will make you look more elegant by giving more natural look. Do not pick up cheap and low quality brands as your hairs are much more valuable as compared to couple of bucks because it is not easy to replace or grow them back instantly. Cheap and low quality brands can also be dangerous to your skin as well.

Read the instructions carefully, and follow them as it is said on the box.

  1. Carry out a strand test to make sure that you get your desired color. While carrying out the test also observe the chemical reaction, make sure it does not make your hair brittle.
  2. Do not apply shampoo to your hairs the day before your are intending to apply the color so that it shall get protection with the help of natural oils from any chemical irritation.
  3. Make sure you use gloves and cover your shoulders with an old towel to avoid the dye color from falling on your shoulders.
  4. Don’t apply the color with the brushes, which comes along with the color.
  5. Get the foil and a styling comb, get few inches on your hair and put them on top of the foil.
  6. Start applying the color from the back of your head, an inch below your scalp straight down till the roots.
  7. If you are intending to have such look, which shall not make you look much different than before, than you should try putting the lowlights an inch away from each other.
  8. Once color is applied, make sure that your hairs are blended nicely by folding the foil in half.
  9. Follow the instructions on the manual and keep it on for the recommended minutes.
  10. Wash your hair with the shampoo and do not forget to use the deep conditioner which you have received along with the color kit. It will avoid your hairs from becoming dry.
  11. Try using branded shampoos, which specifically comes for color treated hairs.

Hope the tips above will make it easy for you now to apply Lowlights by your own self at home. If you have any type of confusion, please do not hesitate to write about it in the comment section and our expert will reply back to you at her earliest.

Written by Sheri


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