How to Get Square Shaped Nails

square shaped nails

A balanced C shaped curve with straight side walls making sharp points on the tip is a most frequently used French manicure shape for nail art design. Very common and popular among almost every age group.

What are the benefits of having Square shaped Nails?

Hands with square shaped nails actually draw more attention also looks good on both medium and long sized nails. Square shaped nails make small hands and fingers look normal. Every few days you just need to keep your nails hydrated with the moisturizer and slightly file them to maintain the shape.

How to file your Nails to get Perfect Square?

  1. Use cotton and nail polish remover to clean any paint applied even if there is no paint you can still do this to remove any derbies from your nails.
  2. Soak your hands in a bowl containing warm water for few minutes to make your nails soften.
  3. Dry your hands before you proceed to the next step.
  4. Cut your nail in a straight line to the desired length using nail clipper, make sure it should be one straight cut but not multiple cuts.
  5. File your nails from the skin to the top of the nails in one direction.
  6. Just apply a few strokes at the top of your nails in one direction from a straight line across it.
  7. From the edge of the nail to the center, file your nails to form a curve shape. Make sure you file in one direction.
  8. Wash your hand with a hand wash, using warm water.

Every few days you have to repeat the filing process again to keep your nails in the desired shape. Moisturize your nails on daily basis to make them healthy and prevent them from dryness. To prevent jagged edges and damaged nails you should always file in one direction only.

Hope the above provided tips for filing the nails will guide you on how to file them properly to get perfect square shaped nails.

Written by Sheri


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