How to apply a Hair Mask

apply hair mask

Almost everyone got a desire of having beautiful, shiny and thick hair, which is actually achievable with the usage of a good shampoo, regular oiling, and conditioning or by applying a hair mask over it. Most commonly available hair masks in the market are, for the treatment of dry hairs, dandruff, split hairs and for those hairs which got affected either by applying color or due to sun.

You can easily find branded hair masks such as Dove, Sunsilk, L’Oréal, Garnier, Avon etc. in the stores or else even you can prepare the hair mask on home too.


1. Select the hair mask that suits on your hair needs depending upon your hairs condition.

2. Apply shampoo and rinse your hairs, do not apply conditioner to your hairs if you are intending to apply the hair mask.

3. Get your hairs dried and apply the mask with your finger tips, gently.

4. If you have damaged or dry hairs then apply it from the hair’s root to the tips and if normal hairs then you may apply it on the half of the length of your hair.

5. Now cover your hairs with towel or shower cap for 30 minutes if you want to apply mask twice in a month. If you are intending to apply it weekly then cover it only for 5- 10 minutes.

6. Good masks always take time to rinse out, so wash your hair completely with water.

7. Wash your hairs, after which you will find visible improvement. For better results repeat the process over as per requirement.

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