How to Buy Cheap Singapore Airlines Tickets

Singapore Airlines Airbus flying in blue sky with clouds

If you’re intending to travel to your desired destination through Singapore Airlines and want to know how to get cheap air ticket, then you’ve landed at the right place! Formerly known as Malayan Airways is a major player in international flights flying to more than 90 destinations with fleet size of over 200 commercial aircrafts.

Singapore Airlines has won all the known awards for its best customer services and onboard comforts available to the customers. It’s grown popularity around the world especially in Asia makes it a bit expensive compared to other airlines such as Thai Airways, Malaysian Airways, PIA, Indian Airways etc.

Just to let you know that many articles written by the travel agents usually misguide people for buying the cheap air tickets. I faced the same issue while I was intending to fly off to Dubai so I thought of putting up this piece to help others.

Tips to Get Cheap Singapore Airlines Tickets

1. Register to Singapore International Airlines newsletter for the promotional deals.

2. Planned your trip? Book the ticket few months prior of the planned dates, it usually help you to save around 10 to 15 percent of your money. Buying air ticket on a last moment is never cheap and is just a misconception of the passengers.

3. If you travel frequently then you should sign up for Singapore Airlines frequent flyer program known as Kris Flyer which runs in collaboration with Silk Airways. Apart from getting deals and discount you’ll be getting access to silver kris lounge with other benefits like priority processing, extra baggage, reduction in charges of additional baggage etc.

4. Take the advantage of your earned air miles; redeem them to upgrade your air ticket from Economy Class to Business Class.

5. If you are not buying the tickets online by your own, it is suggested to find out such travel agent who can provide you discount over the usual airfare.

6. If you are not in rush and manage to travel at any time of the day, then flight timings would also help you in buying a cheap Singapore airlines tickets.

7. If traveling along with your children aged 2 years or below then you qualify for a lap ticket. Do not forget to ask the counter staff to provide you a lap ticket. In some airlines it’s free whereas few airlines charge 10% to 15% for it.

8. Shop for the deals of air miles on eBay and crag lists, which are usually comparatively quiet cheap. This is practice is not common so you need to find such deals smartly.

Hope these tips will help you in buying a cheap Singapore Airline Ticket.


Written by Sheri


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