15 Gorgeous White Living Room Furniture Sets

White furniture sets are always a great addition to any interior. Not only does it add some crispness to the décor of the room but is also a great way to show off your exquisite taste to your guests. Below are some great designs in white furnitures that our sure to please your aesthetic sense:

1st Avenue Contemporary

Brown Chairs with White Cushions
Positive Space Staging + Design, Inc.

The white color really gives an accent to the crisp and sharp aura of this room, making it look rich and sophisticated and yet homely.

City Park Avenue

Living Room White Sofas Lamp Curtain Brown Cushions
The French Mix Interior Design

Take a look above and you’ll see sophistication in the décor of the room but what is noticeable even more is the fact that it is achieving that effect despite being rather congested. The reason for this is the white furniture, especially the chairs complemented by brown cushions, making this room pure eye candy.

Hansel and Gretel

White Sofas Living Room Dark Wood Floor
Dream Build Nashville

Notice how well the dark flooring goes with the white furniture. Even more intriguing is the contrast in the size of the sofa and the chair.

House Bloomsbury

Contemporary White Sofa with Light Wood Color Floor
Stiff and Trevillion

This contemporary décor is playfully experimenting with the colorful cushions while sticking to conservative white for the sofas, hence achieving all the right effects.

House for Art Lovers

Elegant White Sofas with Pink Cushions Brown Table
Brunskill Design

The dash of pink adds playfulness to the room without going overboard. Perhaps an ideal décor for your daughter!

Iris Dankner

White Sofa with White Chairs Living Room
Rikki Snyder

The hints of blue contrasting with the all-white theme are making this room look grand and majestic.

Jade Ocean

White Tiles White Sofas Lamps in Living Room with Brown Furry Rug
Guimar Urbina | KIS Interior Design

The modern contemporary décor is maintained here despite the relatively lesser amount of space. The white couch just makes the room look even cooler!

CK Living Room

White Chairs Living Room with Black Floor White Fireplace
Catherine Kwong

The ornate ceiling and the marble floor give the room an aura of grandeur and the white chairs are just adding to the majesty of the room.

Melford House

White Sofas Living Room White Rug Black Chandlier Yellow Lamps
House Doctor

The all white couches contrast well with the dark colored side-tables and cushions. Such is the air of cleanliness about this space that guests will be extra-careful with their manners and habits in this room.

Michelle Konar’s Upper West Side Studio

White Chairs with Green Walls Wood Floor Living Room
Chris A Dorsey Photography

The white chairs are adding to the taste of the room, blending in well with their surroundings without looking pretentious or out-of-space.

Mid-century Portland

White Chairs Sofas Brown Jute Rug Living Room
Lincoln Barbour

The beauty and charisma of the room seems to lie in the white furnishings selected for this room. Even more beautiful is the view from the windows.

Orchid Tree Lane

White & Grey Elegant Sofas with Off White Rug
House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

A blend of classy and contemporary is an ideal mix in any situation, this beautiful room is no different.

Palm Springs Modern

Elegant White & Blue Sofas Couch Fur Rug White Lamps
Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

This modern home manages to maintain its touch of luxury without looking too pretentious. The white sofas blend in marvelously.

Scratchley Crescent

White & Chocolate Brown Sofas with Brown Walls Living Room
Positive Space Staging and Design Inc.

White chairs, black couch, black floor and brown walls – needless to say, the contrast in this room is top-notch. The colors go so well together that the room almost looks edible.

The Home of Tessa and Martin

White & Grey Sofas with White Rug Living Room
Avenue Lifestyle

Despite the small space, this room has a really homely feel to it and the grey and white theme looks classy yet casual.

Written by Sheri


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