11 Most Delicious Beers in the World to Try Before you Die

11 Most Delicious Beers in the World to Try Before you Die

After a hard day at work, every guy wants to unwind in front of the television with a nice beer. With numerous kinds of beers in the market, it gets difficult to decide which one is the best for the taste buds. Let’s have a look at some of the most delicious beers out there:

Even More Jesus

Even More Jesus Beer Evil Twin Brewing

The beer is especially popular for a dessert like taste. The taste hints of chocolate as well as fruit and crackers. The vanilla and warm alcohol provide the beer with a delicious finish. Even more Jesus is brewed by Evil Twin Brewing, US.

Westvletren’s 12

Westvletren’s 12 Beer

This is the most highly rated beer on RateBeer. It is exotically produced with an interesting production line that it is produced in a monastery and brewed by the monks. Ingredients include caramel, yeast, hops and water. The beer is exclusively sold from the monastery one day of the week and the bottle has no label.

Fred from The Wood

Fred from The Wood Beer

Produced by Hair of the Dog, this beer has a distinctive tobacco and wood flavor. It is aged for at least 6 months.

Plindy the Elder

pliny the elder beer

Considered to be the most well-balanced beer in the world, this beer is quite rare as the producers want to ensure freshness and thus keep supply tight. The taste of citrus and malt complements each other so well that it can arguably be called the best tasting wine in the world.


Guinness Beer

A stout by category, this is the world’s most well-known beer. It is a crowd favorite at the bars and not without reason; a rich creamy taste and a velvety run makes Guinness stand out in the crowd.

Ninkasi Spring Reign

Ninkasi Spring Reign Beer

A mix between pale ale and blonde, the beer offers a taste of malt with hops and is surely one of the best tasting wines.


Edward beer

It is the rarest pale ale in America, and arguably the best tasting among its kind as well. The ingredients are the usual hops, yeast and barley with a tinge of citrus.

Dale’s pale ale

dales pale ale Beer

A more fruity beer than usual, this brew is rich on hops and malt as well. The rich taste makes it popular in all age groups and the best thing is that it comes in a can as well.

Bell’s expedition stout

bells expedition stout beer

This imperial stout is rich on a coffee-like taste and a rich malty flavor as well. The RateBeer gives it a high rating of 4.3 out of 5.


Supplication Beer

Produced by Russian River Breweries, the beer has sour, tart flavor which just adds to its complex aroma. It is aged for a year with sour cherries and received a rating of 4.3 on RateBeer.

Stone Imperial Russian Stout

Stone Imperial Russian Stout Beer

Another black, dark beer, the drink is rich with aroma of coffee and currants.

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