How to Get Thicker Eyebrows Fast in 5 Easy Steps

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of your face that plays key role in making you look beautiful. Everyone does not born with thick eyebrows; even some who does actually complains that their eyebrows became lighter with the passage of the time. Wandering why and how? Well there are many reasons behind hair fall not only from your head but from your whole body such as your eyebrows.

Here in this piece of content I am not going to discuss the precautions or things you do to bring back hairs etc. However, I’ll guide on what could be done immediately to prepare yourself for attending a party so that your eyebrows look thicker.

1. Brush your eyebrows upward.

Brushing your eyebrows
2. Start filling them section by section. First makeup the bow and then follow towards the end.

Brushing to make Eyebrows Thicker
3. Remove the excessive powder by brushing them again.

Get thick eyebrows
4. Ensure that powder you’ve applied should be between each hair of your eyebrow.

shaping the eyebrows
5. The final look:

beautiful eyebrows
The trick is to give volume to the brush before the makeup, then add enough color in a proper order to finish it by fixing it with a gel.

I will suggest while you follow the instructions provided above you shall focus on one eyebrow first to so that shall it be really defined and then proceed to the second one. Moreover, try using a tone shade that is slightly lighter than the original color of your eyebrows.

Written by Julie Collins


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