8 Most Expensive Food Items made with Real Gold

Expensive Gold food

A wise man once said; “the world is a playground for the rich”. The statement itself is not far from truth as we see the wealthier class enjoying eccentricities that seem mind-boggling to the rest of us. One such eccentricity is the inclusion of ‘gold’ into food. Now, we are not sure whether the gold actually enhances the taste of the food or just helps to enhance one’s social standing. Let’s have a look at some of the examples:

Caviar: The ultimate food of the rich, caviar itself is one of the most expensive food items in the world and has become synonymous with wealth. However, a special type of caviar has its own distinguishing quality that it is of gold. We don’t know whether it’s just the wrapping or some other abomination, but the gold sure does shoots up the price with a tiny jar costing $200.

Gold Caviarvia

Wine: A special kind of wine has been prepared which contains a gold flake in it. The price is quite cheap, perhaps to give the ordinary men a taste of wealth. Apparently, when you pour this sparkling wine into your glass, the shimmer of gold and the sparkle is enough to make your guests burn in envy of your apparent wealth.

Grande Cuvee 24-Karat Gold Winevia

Bagel: Priced at $1000, the breakfast item is one of the most expensive in the world and takes a day’s notice to be served on your breakfast table. It contains rich truffle cream cheese and of course, the very necessary, a gold leaf.

Gold Bagelvia

Cadbury Wispa Chocolate: Although the gold is not itself included in the chocolate, the item is still decadent enough to be included in this list. The wispa line made a comeback with a gold edition and the name was not just figurative – The chocolate was, in fact, wrapped in gold leaf. The price of one such bar is $1600.

Cadbury Wispa Gold Chocolatevia

Pizza Royale: It is one of the most expensive pizzas ever created and not without reason. With an all-star ingredient list that includes cognac-marinated lobster, caviar-soaked champagne, venison and salmon, the price is really quite justified. To top it all off, the pizza contains edible 24 Karat gold flakes.

Gold made Pizza Royalevia

Chocolate Sundae: This is not your ordinary chocolate sundae sold at the corner shop. A New York restaurant created a special version of the popular dessert by including a special chocolate that costs $2600 per pound. Even more outrageous is the fact that the sundae also includes white diamonds and 18 karat gold. The price of this bejeweled dessert is $25000.

Gold made Chocolate Sundae Icecreamvia

Gold Cake: Since we are on the topic of desserts, let’s take a look at another astronomically priced sweet dish –the gold cake. It is made of both gold and diamond and a slice costs $2500.

Gold Cakevia

Gold Tea: We really fail to get the point of this one, other than the need to flaunt debauchery and hedonism. Tea is a drink that is quite rich in taste already, but when you paint the tea leaves with 24K gold, all it does is add a metallic scent to the tea. The price is $3000 per 100 grams.

Gold Teavia

Hopefully, we have not put you off with all the steeply priced food. Surely, the point of food is that you enjoy it – no matter how expensive or cheap it may be.

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