7 Best Men’s Hairstyles for 2017

Slicked Back Hair Style for Men

Who says men don’t care about how they look. A recent study suggested that the current generation of men has been observed as increasingly metro-sexual and men of our generation take more care regarding what they want to wear in public. So what if we don’t feel the need to jump out of our t-shirts and it really isn’t our fault if the pajamas are too comfy. One thing that we do always care about, is our hairstyle. Hairs, as they say, can make or break the look.

Sides Cropped Hairstyle

Sides cropped Hair Style for Men

Sides cropped has to be the hottest hairstyle that is out there right now. It was first brought into the mainstream by Skrillex, but did not gain popularity because it seemed to extreme. However, it became a common sight after a majority of professional soccer players got the look. Just ask your barber to shave the sides to whatever length you feel appropriate while keeping a greater length at the top.

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