8 Most Expensive Private Yachts ever Built for Billionaires

Eclipse Yacht night lights

As the saying goes, the world is a playground for the rich and so their toys are just as exotic (and outrageously expensive) as their bank accounts allow. Yachts have commonly been a sign of massive wealth and the big boys are always in the pursuit of the biggest and the best. Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive yachts.

1. The Rising Sun; it costs a cool 200 million dollars to own this beauty which has luxury spread all over its 5 floors. The yacht comes with a wine cellar, Movie Theater and basketball court cum helipad. It was originally bought by the CEO of Oracle, and we still can’t understand what possible use the tech-man might have put the 82 rooms of the yacht to.

The Rising Sun Yacht

Written by Sheri


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