Remodel Your Home On A Budget

We are a generation who has grown up in a time where house prices have boomed. We gasp at the thought that our parents paid 25K for a house now worth 20 times that and rue the fact that we have been born into an era where houses are now nearly unaffordable.

For many, the best, if not the only way to get on to the property market is to buy a house that needs some renovation. If you are just starting out then chances are, you aren’t looking for a property that needs complete gutting, but something that is just a little tired and needs some care, meaning it is priced to sell.

old abandoned house interior
If you are lucky, enough to snag one of these fabulous, but hard to find deals, then you didn’t need to spend loads of cash making your shabby home catalogue perfect. There are lots of ways to remodel your home on a budget, especially if you think about taking the shabby chic route.

paint bucket
The best way to remodel your home on a budget is to give it a lick of paint both inside and out. Paint can be costly, especially if you get one of those ones that they mix just for you to a desired colour, but there are ways around this. You can often buy cans of paint that have been damaged (usually just a dent or two), have a look in the bargain section of your local homeware store and you will find all kinds of goodies. If they don’t have the colour paint you want, then how about buying a big can of cheap white paint and adding a small pot of colour tint. You can buy pots of tint or sometimes small paint sample pots in the same store. Simply add these into the white paint until you get the colour you desire.

Wooden Flooring
New flooring always smartens up a home. If you have, wooden floors that are in half-decent shape, considering renting a sanding machine and then buying a pot of polish. Everyone loves real wood floors. If they are looking a bit uncared for, then how about painting them? Floor paints are available in a wide range of colours and adds a contemporary feel to wood flooring. If you have your heart set on carpets then consider a trip to your local carpet stores to look for remnants. This is the left over carpet from the end of the roll, not as some people suspect, cut off bits from when a carpet has been fitted. Often 20 ft. of carpet can be left on the roll, more than enough to furnish a room, and they are usually heavily discounted.

charity shop furniture store

Once the basics are done, your place will look even more homely with some furnishing. Consider a trip to your nearest charity shop furniture store. You can find some really gorgeous pieces for your home at a fraction of the price, or consider buying pieces that need some work and giving them a bit of a makeover. A pot of paint, a bit of chicken wire and some materials can turn a hideous old cupboard into a shabby chic centerpiece, whilst some pictures from magazines and a pot of glue is all you need to découpage that dressing table.

Thoughts over Remodeling Your Home on a Budget are shared by Vera Miller. She occasionally blogs on A Fancy Home, where you can find a lot of tips by her about making the best of your home on a budget.

Written by Sheri


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