5 Ways to Make Your New Hairstyle Last Longer

girl with golden brown hairs and flower pins side pose

It’s not only the time due to which the hairstyle doesn’t last longer but moisture, heat and wind are also the components that matters. This does not apply to certain type of hairs but almost every type of hairs tend to lose their original shape due to these factors, here in this article you will be able to find some useful tips to make the hairstyle last longer and remain intact for hours.

1. If you use the hair dryer to style your hairs, our suggestion would be to use hot hair dryer to drying your hairs but cold air for styling them, which will help the cuticles to close. This will help the hairstyle to last for longer time.

2. Do not forget to apply a thermal protector on your hairs before using electrical appliances such as dryers, irons or curling. With this, the hairstyle stays intact and hair does not look dry and weakened. It is more appropriate to regulate the temperature of these devices depending on whether the density of your hairs are thick or thin.

3. Another option is to lightly spray the comb with a little hairspray and wipe the hair from root to tip not only your hairs will look smoother but also it will remain intact, which will help the hairstyle last for a longer time span.

4. Apply a little hair spray before the updo and then apply the pins to your hairstyle, as it will help in preventing the pins from slipping and falling.

5. The wavy hairstyles are ideal for changing our usual look to a spectacular look with natural hairs the nice way. However, for this we will not recommend you doing this with freshly washed hairs, so you can take advantage of natural hair grease. At the time of curl, every strand of hair divided into two parts, first with the clip ruffles top and then the bottom. Finally fixed hairstyle applying some hairspray.

Do share your experiences with us for making your hairstyle last longer, tips and suggestions are always more than welcome here. To get more quality tips and trick, we recommend exploring our articles contributed by users and written by experts in the hairs category.

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