How to Grow Nails Faster and Stronger with Home Remedies

How to Grow Nails Faster and Stronger with Home Remedies

Having long and healthy nails is the desire of almost every woman, but it is not always possible to achieve them. Sometimes by harmful habits, food, or our type of work, keeping healthy nails seem a daunting task, but some home remedies can help you get it. If you are sick of those short and weak nails don’t worry we will explain how to grow nails with home remedies and effectively.

garlic for nailsGarlic is one of the most famous natural ingredients to help our fingernails grow. There are many ways to apply one of the simplest is to crush one or two large garlic paste and put that on our nails for 10 minutes each day if possible.

This mixture is excellent to prevent the formation of bacteria, improve circulation and nails grow naturally.

Lemon-with-GarlicMixing garlic with lemon you can make an excellent home remedy to grow nails. Mash a clove of garlic and put it great to boil in half cup of water.

Once the liquid has boiled, remove it from the fire and wait until it gets cool. Then add a teaspoon of natural lemon juice, mix it well and pour into a container of empty nail polish. Apply the mixture every night before going to sleep, see how the passage of time your nails grow healthy and strong.

ponytailThe ponytail is a medicinal plant whose aesthetic has become popular, so it is a great ally to grow your nails naturally. Prepare an infusion of horsetail, let cool, and dip your nails for 15 minutes. You can repeat this procedure several times a week for best results.

A good, simple natural remedy to grow your nails is to mix half a cup of milk and lemon juice. Put the nails in this liquid for 15 minutes and repeated at least three times a week. You will see how gradually strengthen your nails grow faster and healthier.

Another good home remedy is obtained by adding the crushed garlic hardener or polish shine and steeping for a week. If you apply this mixture every day on your nails you will see great results, however many people prefer to dispense with this home remedy because of the strong smell of garlic.

Remember also to keep your nails strong and healthy is very important to a healthy diet with a good intake of foods rich in protein, essential for the growth of our nails.

Protect your hands every time you clean or handle harsh products, and perform a good manicure at least once a week, this will help you improve your appearance and promote the growth of nails.

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