Why are there White Spots on Fingernails

white spots on fingernail

What does the appearance of those white little spot means on the nails of your hands or feet? Surely more than once, you’ve heard that sprouting takes place due to lack of calcium and even for every lie you said when you were little :), since none of these traditional claims are true. If you want to know the real reason behind, why you have white spots on nails then the answer by specialists could be found below:

According to experts we’ve spoken to, the white marks or spots that appear occasionally on the surface of the nails on your hand or feet is a condition called leukonychia . This has its origin in an earlier trauma occurred in the nail bed that affects the normal process of the production of keratin which is essential for the soundness and strength of nails.

As we see, the white patches that affect the health and aesthetics of the nails occur only because of the damage that they may suffer in the day.

Reasons to have White Spots on Nails

  • Nails hit against or on to a solid surfaces.
  • Aggressive Manicures.
  • Usage of chemicals that weaken nails.
  • Remove or cut excess cuticles.
  • Habit of nail biting.

This condition of having white spots over the nails is not a physical problem severity, therefore there is no treatment for it, and you just need to wait for the nails to grow long enough to cut so that white marks shall disappear. What you can do is try to keep your nails well hydrated for faster growth that will prevent vulnerable to breakage and cracks. See the following articles:

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However, there are other marks that appear as white lines over the entire nail but usually they aren’t visible over the surface of the nail. In this case, the white spots may indicate that there is some kind of underlying disease (anemia, kidney diseases, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) so it will be necessary to visit a dermatologist as soon as possible for a complete medical examination.

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