9 Nail Care Tips for Beautiful Hands

Nails are what some call the ‘crown’ of the hands. Beautiful nails only enhance the beauty of your hands. Not just this, but well-maintained nails signal hygienic lifestyle and a sense of being put-together. It is not very difficult to keep nails maintained.

1. Protective base; this is for all those who apply nail polish, so basically everyone. Nail polish, just like any other unnatural product, can harm the beauty of your nails. Using a protective base strengthens your nails and protects them as well.

2. Nail creams and calcium gels; they are inexpensive and are a great way of treating your nails. Calcium gels can harden your nails and this is very helpful if you have weak nails that get easily damaged. Nail creams can be a source of moisturizing as well.

3. Filing; another healthy practice but make sure that when filing, you do it in one direction only. Doing it left to right and then the opposite way really weakens your nails. Also, try to minimize the use of nail polish as it weakens your nails.

4. Lemon juice; a natural product containing acids of different varieties, it can freshen up your nails making them look more natural. Just soak your hands in a bowl of lemon juice and you will notice for yourself how your hands have a new, natural glow.

5. Dry nails; keep your nails dry during day to day activities. Wear gloves where your nails are likely to be harmed by wet chemicals. For example, wearing of gloves becomes necessary when doing the dishes, not so much when washing your hair.

6. Cuticles; be extremely careful about cuticles. We all get the urge to simply rip them off by using the teeth but that can not only be painful but also harmful for the health of your nails. Instead, use a cuticle remover. There is special emphasis on this because most infections in nails occur due to very small cuts as they allow bacteria to enter. Remember to moisturize cuticles regularly.

7. Biotin; this is a supplement containing vitamin B. Remember that you don’t need to take it if you are already on a balanced, nutritious diet. Biotin can help grow your nails faster and improve nail health. This is especially important if you have weak nails.

8. Cleaning the nails; remember that aggressive cleaning can lead to greater chances of infection. Rather than using pointy tools, you should instead use a nail brush for cleaning.

9. Do not ignore infections; if you ever notice reddish puffiness around nails, or ever experience pain around your finger nails, make sure to seek medical attention. Ignoring infections doesn’t only cause discomfort for an extended period of time, but it can also cause your nails to deform irreversibly.

The important thing about nails is that while being attentive to them is important, using too many chemicals can really have an adverse effect. Make sure that you avoid hard chemicals and minimize use of polishes and colorings.

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