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Ideas to Decorate a Balcony for Christmas

Decorations for balcony on Christmas

The Christmas season is something that exists within your home and as well as outside of it also. Therefore, streets, shops, office and public places are decorated to the holiday spirit. The houses also decorated from outside for the Christmas, therefore we shouldn’t forget to decorate your balcony at Christmas. Here are some ideas for you to make this task easier and if you want to see general ideas for your home, click here .

Santa ClausOne element that is traditionally been used to decorate the balcony is a Santa Claus toy. The doll on Christmas Eve is to recreate how this character came into the homes of all children. It is been used for several years, but now in many homes has been replaced by the version of the Three Kings.

Another option frequently used is the placement of lights around the railing of the balcony. Some even place them around the door frames. Currently, they are also changing the other ornaments.

Plastic Decorated Christmas Tree with gift boxesSome people prefer to replace the real Christmas tree with the plastic trees having few ornaments on them so preserve the nature and decorate the balcony. Thus avoiding any damage caused to the climate, which we think is a nice thought.

snowman for christmas decorationsAnother ornament that has lately become part of balcony decorations are snowmen. They can be made ​​by many materials, but this Christmas element typically has a privileged place in the balconies.

Star Lights for Christmas DecorationsIncreasingly, the lighting of the balconies is present in Christmas with different shapes and colors. They’re not the typical lights around the railings. The typical Christmas shapes for lights are stars, balls, bells or other characters that has an association with Christmas event.

Finally, you must remember that you can hang anything you want in your balcony such as red ribbons, wreaths, socks, Christmas balls or even pineapples. Lately it is giving a tendency to draw out many elements traditionally inside the home. Place them in your own style to get a fully customized balcony.

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Things Required

  • Santa Claus climbing (or Magi)
  • Lights
  • Christmas tree
  • Snowman
  • Ornaments with lights (like stars)
  • Other decorations: wreaths, bows, socks…



Use the trimmings to go with more inner beauty.

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