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Christmas Decorations with Plants & Flowers

Christmas Decorations with Plants & Flowers

The plants are ideal to decorate any room of your home, inside or outside and Christmas is the time when most houses are decorated with it. So why not decorate our house with Christmas plants? You only need tocombine different holiday plants or even add loops, playing with colors and shapes … To make thetask easier, this article, we explain you how to decorate with plants at Christmas.


PoinsettiaPoinsettia or Christmas flower is one of the traditional plants of the Christmas season, from Mexico. Its intense red and green colors will bring life to every corner of our house therefore; it will be an ideal plant for decorating your house this Christmas.


MistletoeThis shrub grows, as a parasite on trees is another typical Christmas plants. Whitish berries characterize it and the fact is that it serves as door decoration especially since the tradition that couples who kiss under the mistletoe will have luck and prosperity came in. So you cannot forget the mistletoe as a plant to decorate your home for Christmas.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas CactusAlthough it is not available in all countries, as the name suggests, the Christmas cactus is another plant that can be used to decorate Christmas plants. Its distinctive red color is so abundant according to the Christmas festival that allows us to combine it with other flowers and plants of duller colors. Moreover, it is a plant that requires a little care, so you have to devote a little time to it, which can probably become another additional task for you during the Christmas.


Holly for Christmas DecorationIt is an evergreen tree having shiny leaves with spiny margins, like the mistletoe and got soft red fruit for which it is well known. We must tell us before you go to the forest to find holly for decorating your house for Christmas this season that in some parts of the world, Holly has almost vanished.

Other plants

So far, we have seen the plants and flowers typically for Christmas festive, characterized mainly by combining green leaves with red flowers, an ideal combination for the holiday. However, when it comes to decorating our houses with plants, we can use other plants to combine and achieve results that are more dramatic. For example, it will be perfect to have white flowers for highlight the red ones, as in the case of jasmine and white roses, you can plant them yourself at home by following these tips on how to care for a rose.

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You can add bows and ribbons to your potted plants to achieve spectacular results.

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