How to Write a Sick Leave Letter

How to write a sick leave letter

Sick leave letter is written to formally convey the management about your absence from the work due to sickness along with the medical reason and especially date when you were or will not be available to attend the office. The sick leave letter is always submitted along with the doctor’s advice regarding you condition i.e. medical certificate. Below you can find two samples of sick leave letter:



Dear Mr. Abc,

HR Manager,

Company Name,

Dear Mr. Abc,

Leave Letter prior to absence from office:

I am writing to you to request you that I may not be able to attend office for a week from _________ to ___________, as I am suffering from ___________ (disease). Therefore, it has been advised by the doctor to take complete bed rest for faster recovery due to which I won’t be able to attend the office. I regret over the inconvenience caused to the firm because of my illness.

I am willing to put in extra efforts to compensate the delay at work as I am back from my sick leave.

Thanks and Regards,



Leave Letter after absence upon rejoining the office:

I am writing this letter to excuse for being absent from the office on ________(date),(year). I wasn’t able to attend the office as per the advise by my doctor due to ___________(disease). The medical certificate issued by the doctor is attached with this letter. However, the doctor allowed me to resume my routine life as my medical situation doesn’t require much of the bed rest.

I will be putting up extra efforts to compensate the delay of tasks at my end and regret over the inconvenience caused to the organization due to my medical reason and absence. Moreover, I will be really thankful if this leave gets approved and will be adjusted in my annual leaves.




Note: The above provided samples of sick leave letters could be submitted to schools, college, office and else where by doing minor editing. If you have any sort of difficulty in editing or creating a custom leave letter for yourself, you can let me know by writing below.

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