How to Identify Authentic Gucci Men Wallet

Authentic Gucci Men Wallet

Gucci is one of the most prestigious brands in the world, with a huge range of elegant and versatile product line. Due to its high quality and unique designs mostly Gucci’s products are expensive and are not affordable for everyone.

Therefore, small local producer violates the copyright terms and produce same designs as of original Gucci wallets with its logo on it and sale it comparatively on a lower price and sometimes when they call it the first copy its almost near to the price of the original one for the ones who cannot identify the difference between a real one and fake. This is how due to the lack of information customers’ get cheated and pay high costs for the fake ones too.

So, before buying an authentic Gucci men wallet check out the following things to identify its authentication.

Tips to Identify the Original Gucci Men Wallet:

  1. On an original Gucci men wallet the logo will be on the inside but never outside of the Gucci wallets, as well make sure two “G” symbols are also there facing each other upside down.
  2. Authentic Gucci men wallets are always made up of real leather, canvas or suede, ended up with strong string and extremely tight stitching.
  3. Men wallets by Gucci come with small dust bag and a nice box. All the extras which come along with the Gucci men wallets contain its logo, if you find the wallet wrapped in plastic, don’t go for it, as that will definitely a fake one.
  4. Make sure you receive the authentication card upon the purchase which comes along with the original Gucci men wallet containing a unique serial number. The authentication card’s size is almost same as of a business card.
  5. If you still have doubt over the authenticity of the Gucci original wallet, use the serial number to verify, by taking it either to an official Gucci outlet or by contacting their customer supports online.
  6. Gucci men wallet’s price range between $400 to $1200 on an average unless it has not been marked down at the factory outlet you are buying from.

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