Best Summer Nail Art Design Ideas

Water marble patterns Nail Art

Summers are the perfect opportunity to be funky and to show off your colours. There are numerous styles out there that basically scream ‘summers’. Perhaps the most important thing while sporting any nail design is to have fun. I am sure you could have fun with any of the designs mentioned below;

Random splashes; remember when you used to be a kid and painted randomly all over the walls and had bucket loads of fun. Well, on principle, this is the same thing. Randomly splashing your nails not only shows of your carefree nature, it is also easy on the eyes.

Random splashes Nail art

Contrasting; easy on the eyes and very classy as well, this can be perfect for a summer in the hamptons.

Contrasting Nail Art

Polka Dots Nail Art; nobody can go wrong with polka dots. They remind you of the icecreams from your childhood, they go well with your favorite polka dots dress. More than anything else, they have the spunk which casts you in a carefree light.

Green Polka dots Nail Art

Blue Polka dots Nail Art

Floral Prints Nail Art; what says summer better than a sunflower printed on your nails. Have fun in the summer and get noticed as you drink your apple cider.

Floral prints Nail Art

Ombre and Fades Nail Art; recreate moments of lost love from the previous summers by applying this color to represent your melancholia. A sunset describes best the melancholy of summer love.

Ombre and fades Nail Art
On the other hand, fades allow you to include multiple colours on the same nail – what could possibly scream summer any louder?

Ombre and fades Nailart

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