Leave Application Letter format

[Employee Name]
[Employee Address]
[Date as of writing]

[Employer’s Name]
[Designation to whom the letter will be sent]
[Address of Employer]

Dear Mr. / Mrs. XYZ,

– Take a start by mentioning the purpose for taking the leave from the office, state the days you won’t be available for working. Try to keep this section very precised and you should not go into much detail for the reason of your absence.

– In the second paragraph you shall mention about whom you will be handing over the responsibilities which have been assigned to you during the tenure of your absence, it’s always great to state the current status of your project too.

– In the last paragraph, before closing the leave letter, you should mention your address where you will be during the leave days and your contact number through which the employer could reach you. However, you can also appreciate the person for understanding your need and consideration over your leave application.

– Close the letter with words such as “Sincerely” “Regards” “Thankful” and type your name with two lines of space.

– Take the print out and sign it with your name.


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