How to Store Nail Polish at Home so it shall Last Longer

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A lot of us love nail decorations and acquire glazes of all possible colors, but eventually those glazes just dry up and becomes useless. How many times used a nail polish that you bought, only a few times because it has dried, right? However, this is over now. Through a series of homemade tricks, the life of our nail polish will be increased without the fear of drying. If you’ve encountered the same problem, read this article and discover how to keep nail polish usable for a longer time span.

1. The first thing to know is that when you buy a nail polish do not places it where sunlight, moisture or heat has a presence. Rather, you should store it in a cooler place, or else it will become thicken and dry faster. A foolproof trick is to store them in the fridge, but few people does not have enough space or don’t intend to store it with the food. Therefore, you can put the nail polishes in a box and store them in a cool cupboard away from the heat appliances.

Moreover, when you wish to use them it is suggested to place those bottles couple of hours before in the fridge to cool.

2. Another way to make the nail polish last longer is by shaking or rolling all the bottles occasionally. The nail varnish is composed of several products, including nitrocellulose, toluene and formaldehyde which tend to separate thus avoiding the drying of the enamel. If you look at the nail polish that you have it might have created a layer that has a similar appearance as of the oil, this is something that will not happen.

Of course, before using the nail paint you need to rub it to remove the oily layer and not shake it unless it is completely removed.

3. Do not forget to close the lid of the nail polish bottles tightly! If air is introduced to the nail polish mixture, it will thicken up and dry quickly. Even when you’re painting your nails, while waiting for the first layer to dry keep it covered to avoid the air interaction with the enamel.

4. Cleanliness is another aspect we should care about, if we want to keep our nail polishes in a perfect shape. As we spend a little time to clean our makeup brushes once a week, we must spare sometime to remove excess polish from the bottle. If you do not clean up the rims of the enamel, this will build up dry layers that will not allow the cap to close properly resulting in the air interaction, causing it to dry. To prevent this from happening, take a cotton ball, put a little nail polish remover and rub it to clean the closing ring at the top of the bottle.

5. If your nail polish already started drying, there is an effective trick of preserve it. Heat some water in the microwave or fire without allowing it to boil. Just when you see that it’s near to the boiling point remove it and pour it in another utensil, then put nail polish bottle in it. It is very important that the glass bottle portion is only soaked in the water not the cap section. Moreover, you should never soak it for more than 3 minutes. You will observe that it will dissolve quickly and becomes liquid again. It is important to know that the result does not last forever, so you have to repeat the process every time you want to use.

6. Never try to retrieve a thick or dry enamel introducing acetone! This trick has extended over the years is highly detrimental to the nail polish. Today there is a product called thinner for enamels designed specifically for this task. All you have to do is pour a few drops, shake the enamel and leave for a few minutes. The result is amazing.

Test all these tricks and keeps your nail polishes in useable state for a longer time, or if it’s late, easily recover them. Undoubtedly, the perfect choice is to keep them in the fridge but if not possible, other tips also provide a fascinating result that lets you show off a beautiful and colorful nails whenever you want.

Written by Sheri


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