How to Get Soft Hands

beautiful soft hands

Your hands do play an important role is reflecting your beauty due to which its everyone’s desire of having soft, smooth and beautiful hands. The best home remedy for getting soft hands is just few precautions and little efforts such as:

Protect the skin of your hands by taking precautionary measures. Make sure you wear gloves while cleaning, gardening etc.

Avoid exposing your hands to cold temperature e.g. when it tends to be slightly cold temperature use thin gloves. It will help keeping your hand soft.

Apply sunscreen on your hands and rub until it gets absorbed, it helps you avoid the damage caused by the sun and will keep your hands skin soft.

Do massage of your hands using olive oil or some lotion, it will help increasing the blood circulation as well as is a great practice to release stress. Use thumb of the opposite hand to massage the palm while fingers interlaced in a circular motion, repeat it with the other hand.

Before going to your bed at night, apply petroleum jelly to your hands and wear cotton gloves. Try rubbing lotion on your hands several times a day, whenever possible.

Do not use very hot water for washing your hands and try to use good soap only.

Scrub your hands using sugar for about 2 minutes. Clean your hands well and apply vegetable oil, now put the gloves on and soak your hands in hot water bowl for about 10 minutes and make sure the water does not get in contact with your hands. Remove the gloves and wash your hands again with a gentle soap and apply the lotion.

Wash your hands at least 5 to 6 times a day with warm water using hand wash after which pour few drops of olive oil in a bowl containing warm water and soak your hands in it. Use a tissue to wipe your hands.

Apply mixture of a dab of honey, few drops of lemon and a tablespoon of salt to your hands and rub gently. I also helps protecting your hands during the summer season as well as winters too and make your hands softer.

Using these tips to get soft hands is proven and is being recommended by many experts too. If you would like to share any tips related to soft hands, please feel free to comment below.

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