How to Get Rid of Jet Lag

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Jet lag also known as desynchronosis in the medical term. This is the most widespread problem affecting international travelers specially ones who travel for the business purpose. According to a research conducted on jet lag, it has been observed that almost 95% of the travelers experience this situation.

Jet lag makes you awake at night and enforces you to sleep at inappropriate timings, exhaustion lasting for couple of days after the trip resulting problems while focusing on something, irritation and gastrointestinal issues.

Tips to Get Rid of the Jet Lag:

  1. Get appropriate rest prior to initiate your journey in order to start the day with fresh mind and body.
  2. Try sleeping while traveling, if you are not comfortable while sleeping during travel try using ear plugs, eye shades, blanket and pillow to make yourself comfortable.
  3. Drink more and more water and avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as it will dehydrate you.
  4. Try to do some exercise after reaching the destination.
  5. Avoid taking naps after journey and only sleep in the night.
  6. Try spending more time in sunlight.
  7. Take shower upon your arrival at your destination as it not only makes you feel fresh but also counters the drying effect of the dry cabin atmosphere over your skin.

Written by Julie Collins


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  1. All good ideas! One other thing that you can do to beat jet lag is to take an approximately 12 – 16 hour long fast.

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