How Do I Buy a Domain Name

Looking for help over your question How do I buy a domain name? Then you have landed at the correct place. Buying a domain name for your website to some people is one of the easiest tasks to do, where as for business professionals and search engine experts its not. There are some important factors which you need to keep in your mind while buying a domain name.

1. Do brainstorming based on your business model and list down couple of names.

2. Perform keyword research using Word Stream or Google Adwords keyword tool and check out the search volumes of the names you have listed earlier.

3. Use Dat-o-Mator for finding out word combinations.

4. Go to and use it bulk uploading feature. Select the type of domain you wish to purchase e.g. .com, etc.

5. Shrink your list based on availability of the domain names, try to pick up the name which is most relevant to your business and should be easy to remember for your visitor.

6. Click on to the domain name you wish to buy and check out, provide the credit card details and particulars and the domain name will be registered with your name. Once the registration process is being completed, you will receive a confirmation email from the registrar.

7. If you wish to hide your info the cheap way would be creating a gmail account with a fake name, but make sure you do not give out any fake info or you might be considered as a scammer.

Tips & Warnings:

– Try to choose easy names, which your visitor can remember easily.
– Try not to choose lengthy domain names.
– Your domain name should be self explanatory about services or products being offered at your website.
– Usually single word domains are mostly expensive and there are higher chances that they might have already been bought by someone else, in such case the domains could only be bought through the auctions.

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