Grow Orchids Indoor at Home

How to Grow Orchids Indoor at Home

Growing orchid at home is not difficult at all however the important thing is that it needs a bit of care with proper knowledge to keep it alive so that it continues adding in its beauty to your home’s interior decoration.

How to Grow Orchids Indoor at HomeWatering Orchids

Watering is one the most critical part as due to over watering most of the orchids die. If you feel that the growing mix is moist then it doesn’t need water however if it’s dry then add some water to it. Make sure the plant should not site in the water.

Light Required for Orchids

Orchids with flat and broad leaves, white stems and brightly colored flowers need very little light. In fact direct exposure to sun rays could burn it so don’t place your orchid flowers plant next to the western side of your house’s window. However, the northern side of the houses doesn’t have sufficient light which is required to re-bloom your orchid flowers plant. The best positions are southern and eastern side of your house.

Suitable Temperature for Orchids

60 to 80 degree Fahrenheit is a suitable temperature for the orchids. It’s good if your house has a little light during the day time and night becomes cooler.

Fertilizing Orchids

It is recommended to use fertilizer made specifically for the orchids. These fertilizers are commonly available at the nurseries and garden centers, once you get the fertilizer you can find the detailed instructions provided on the back of the pack. However, the best practice is to remove the fertilizer salt after every third watering.

Repotting Orchids

Once the orchid plant stop flowering you need to depart its flowering stem and remove it from the pot. Take a plastic container and put it in that and fill it with the mix that is found usually in the middle of a garden. Fill it up with the mixes until the container is full of it and all the roots are hidden under the mixes but this doesn’t mean that you forcefully push them below it.

Re-flowering Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchids can be placed outside of the home which helps it in initiating the flowering process naturally during the fall season as far as the temperature remains between 60 and 80 degree Fahrenheit. Make sure the dew shall not cover the plant during night if you think it will make sure to keep it back indoor within the house.

Mostly the flowers can be seen on the plant during the month of January and February season.

Written by Julie Collins


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