Best Summer Nail Art Design Ideas

Rainbow Glitter Nail Art; rainbows are the epitome of any summer and combine that with glitter and you get what we call a summer in the heavens. Try different colour combinations with glitters and create some magic.

Rainbow glitter NailArt

Neon Nail Art; what could possibly go wrong with neon? Perhaps it is too risky for you, but then that would mean you are not made for the summer. Don’t be a bore and experiment with neon.

Neon Nail Art

Water Marble Patterns; a personal favorite, these designs are so easy on the eyes that you just couldn’t take your eyes off them. They are the perfect mixture of fun colors without being too loud.

Water marble patterns Nail Art

Cartoons Nail Art; if you want to go back to your kindergarten times, or just miss being cute and baby-like, this is the pattern for you.

Cartoons Nail Art

Blue; the color of ocean, you don’t even need it to have any complex patterns. Simple ocean blue nails are enough to say ‘summers’ in a very classy manner.

Summers are all about having fun and there is no fun unless you venture out of your comfort zone. So drop the boring patterns your nails have always adorned and go experiment. Play with colors, create your own theme. Most importantly, create colors and patterns that reflect what summers mean to you.

Written by Sheri


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