Apollo / Pause Cocktail Recipe

Apollo Pause Cocktail Recipe

Apollo cocktail also known as Pause is made up of Irish Cream & coffee Liqueur with a combination of american whiskery. Sounds cool isn’t it?

Well it has a smooth taste with a very strong intensity of alcohol served in a margarita glass.

Drink details:

  • Taste: Smooth
  • Strength: Very Strong
  • Type of Alcohol: American Whiskey, Coffee & Irish Cream Liqueur
  • Served in: Margarita glass
  • Prep time: 2 mins
  • Serves: 1


  • Coffee Liqueur 30 ml
  • American Whiskey 30 ml
  • Irish Cream Liqueur 60 ml
  • Milk 10 ml
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Put the milk, ice cubes and Irish cream liqueur in a shaker and shake it vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds.
  2. Pour the coffee liqueur in the margarita glass.
  3. Use a strainer to strain the mixture of milk and Irish cream liqueur and pour it into the glass.
  4. Now add the american whiskey in it. Your drink is ready to be served.

Written by Julie Collins


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