How to Write Internship Acceptance Letter

How to Write Internship Acceptance Letter


Begin by informing the candidate that he or she has been successfully selected as an internee. Be straightforward in your message. You may be required to provide your own personal details – name, position etc.

Second Paragraph

In the next paragraph, briefly describe the job specification. The candidate must know the task he or she has to perform. Moreover, mention the joining date here and the supervisor he or she has to report to on the opening day. Highlight the tenure of the internship period. Make sure you are aware of all company policies before you write the letter.


You may be required to ask the candidate to sign the acceptance letter and send it back at the earliest. End the letter by informing him or her that you are available for any clarifications. Sign the letter before dispatching it.


Make sure that the tone of the letter is positive. Make the intern feel welcomed, where you show your eagerness to have him/her in your company. Highlight any attributes you had picked up during the interview or briefly mention that the resume was impressive. This will inform the reader that you have done your homework.

However, the letter should follow proper writing etiquettes. The message must be delivered in a professional manner, so that the reader understands that the internship is not just a fun job. Inform him or her that her performances will be under the radar and the experience letter will only be offered if the desired tasks are completed.


Depending on the recipient, you can use a formal salutation, or begin with writing down the first name of the applicant. This can be done just to make the candidate feel at ease, as most internship positions are given to those who are currently studying or are just starting off their careers.

Moreover, make sure that you prepare the internship Letter on the company’s letterhead. This is important in order to display your company’s professionalism. Keep the letter light, yet direct and to the point. You can offer additional help in case the candidate is not too sure about accepting the offer.

– Make sure that you send the letter well in advance so that the recipient can reply back and make other necessary arrangements.

– Be transparent regarding the company’s policies related to internees. Attach all relevant documents if required.

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